Shire Building Hire

The Shire offer many buildings to the public to hire.

Located in Scott Street the Koorda Recreation Centre is a large venue with a main pavillion with bar area, kitchen, servery and toilets with large outdoor undercover alcove suitable for formal functions, meetings, large dinners and get togethers etc.

Located in Allenby Street, the Koorda Memorial Hall is a large venue with a large open floor area with bar facilities, stage area, kitchen and toilets suitable for formal functions, performances, dinners and get togethers.

Located on Smith Street, the Koorda Emergency Services Building is a great venue to host meetings or small gathers. It includes a kitchen and bathroom facilities. 

When you are requesting to Hire a Shire Building please complete and read the Conditions of Use/Request to Hire form and return to Shire Office.

Shire of Koorda Building Hire Application Form

If you are using any of Councils facilities being either Recreation Centre, Memorial Hall or Parks & Gardens etc and are wanting to consume Liquor then permission needs to obtained from the Shire prior to the event taking place. 

Application to Consume Liquor

If you are using Councils Premises but are also wanting to Sell Liquor then you need to contact the Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor to obtain a Liquor Permit plus Permission to Consume from the Shire Council.  There have been changes to the Liquor Licence process so please read the attached pamphlet as your club maybe exempt from having to get a Liquor Licence to sell.

Application to Sell Liquor Information

Application Kits