Animal Control

Dog and Cat Registrations

Dog & Cat owners are reminded that all dogs over three months of age must be registered and cats over the age of six months must be registered. Registrations expire on 31 October of each year and can be obtained for a period of one year, three years or lifetime registration.

All animals need to be microchipped before registration. Microchipping can be done by our local Vet or by the Ranger.

To organise your microchipping, you can contact the Shire Office on 9684 1219 to lodge a ranger request or call the vet on 9671 1108.

Application for Certificate of Animal Registration

Registration Fees


Standard 1 year 3 years Lifetime
Unsterilised     $50.00 $120.00 $250.00
Sterilised $20.00 $42.50 $100.00


Pensioner 1 year 3 years Lifetime
Unsterilised     $25.00 $60.00 $125.00
Sterilised $10.00 $21.25 $50.00

Working Animal:

Working 1 year 3 years Lifetime
Unsterilised     $12.50 $30.00 $62.50
Sterilised $5.00 $10.65 $25.00

It is also a requirement of the Dog Act that the name and address of the dog is attached to a separate disc on the dog's collar.

It is a requirement of the Cat Act that all cats over the age of six months must be microchipped, sterilised and registered with the local council.

Your Responsibilities

Dog & Cat owners have some definite legal responsibilities which are intended for the convenience of residents. Please:

  • Attach the registration disc and dog or cats identification tag to the collar.
  • Don't let the dog or cat wander.
  • Keep the animal generally quiet.
  • Clean up after your pet in public places.
  • Dogs must be restrained on a leash in public places at all times.

Ranger Services

The Shire of Koorda have contract Rangers, WA Contract Ranger Services, to provide services to patrol its reserves and streets to enforce various Acts of Parliament and Council's by-laws relating to control of straying animals, Council and dog control. The Rangers visit the town once a week so if you wish to make any complaints regarding dogs etc, please download a Ranger Complaint Form and forward to Shire of Koorda.

Complaint Form (Non Dog Related Complaints)

Dog Complaint Form


The Council pound is situated within the confines of the Works Depot and is open during working hours. Fees are imposed on all impounded animals and are payable to the Shire Council before the release of the animal. All animals must be microchipped before being released. Cost approx $55 payable to Ranger, Pensioners $50 payable to Ranger.

Pound Fees

  • $126.00 - Seizure, Return and Impounding of dogs
  • $27.30 per day - Sustenance & Maintenance of dog (food etc)
  • $225.75 - Return of impounded dog outside normal hours