Shire of Koorda Community Grants Program

The Shire of Koorda is committed to recognising the value of all community organisations and has developed a clear and powerful vision “To build a vibrant and sustainable community with shared social values, in which we can live and work in harmony with our environment”.

The Community Grants Program is allocated from within Council’s general revenue budget each year to provide financial support to community organisations that meet the objectives of the Community Grants Program (“CGP”).

A pool of $10,000 is available in per round of the CGP. Grants of up to $5,000 (exc GST) are available to community organisations.

The next round is available from 1 July to 31 July 2024. 

Objectives of the CGP

The CGP objectives are to support projects that promote community capacity, improve social participation and inclusion as well as enhance community harmony and social cohesion.

The Shire of Koorda CGP assists community groups and Not for Profit organisations with their vital work and programmes to:

  • Promote community capacity, community harmony and social cohesion;
  • Encourage people and organisations to help themselves;
  • Ensure fair distribution of activities and services throughout Koorda; and
  • Encourage resident participation in activities which benefit the community in Koorda.

Please note: all funds are paid to successful applicants as a reimbursement i.e. after the event/purchase. Grant recipients are required to pay all relevant costs up front Following completion of project, successful recipients are required to invoice the Shire of Koorda for payment, ensuring all receipts from project costs/items along with the final acquittal documents are attached. 

For further information or assistance with your application contact:
Miss Lana Foote, Acting CEO
08 9684 1219 or

Relevant Documents

Shire of Koorda Community Grants Program (CGP) Guidelines

Shire of Koorda Community Grants Program (CGP) Application Form

Successful Applicants & Projects

2022/2023 - Round 1

Applicant Project title & outline Approved funding
Koorda Youth Group Transforming Spaces: Youth led furnishing project
The transformation of spaces dedicated to youth meetings and activities is a fundamental element of this grant application. We firmly believe that an inviting  environment plays a pivotal role in engaging and empowering young individuals. Our plan to transform a space inside the memorial hall that will offer a safe and inclusive space for youth. It is a fundamental component of their development, well-being and overall success. It will provide a welcoming supportive environment for personal growth and social interaction. By investing in such spaces, communities can help ensure that young people have the resources and support they need to thrive and become responsible, engaged community members.
Koorda Golf Club Refurbish Koorda Golf Club Tee Boxes
The Koorda Golf Club has been situated at the present location for twenty years. The synthetic grass on the tee boxes over this period has deteriorated with use, time, duststorms and is due to be replaced. This is quite a large undertaking as there are approx 30 tee boxes on the course. This project has been on our agenda for a few years but getting funds has been a problem. The grant would be to pay for the turf grass. All transport and laying of turf and the labour will be supplied by Koorda Golf Club.
Country Bratz Playgroup Jungle Music
In offering weekly activities for children aged 0-5 years during the school term, we are not merely providing a service; we are cultivating the very roots of social and cognitive development. Our program is designed to be a crucible of social connections where young minds engage in activities that extend beyond mere play—each interaction becomes a building block in constructing the foundation of the child's identity and understanding of the world. By fostering a supportive environment, we recognize the importance of these formative years in shaping the social fabric of a child's life. Through purposeful activities, we empower children to explore, create, and connect, laying the groundwork for a future where they are not just participants but active contributors to the rich tapestry of human experience.
Koorda Community Garden Solid Foundations
To install a concrete slab and erect a small garden shed for members tools and equipment. This will provide security for members gardening tools and equipment. Enable us to have a safe and sturdy designated storage space which will help to keep tools organised and reduce the risk of accidents, and providing easy access to tools and equipment. Provide protection from the elements to prevent natural occurring damage and expand the longjevity and use of tools and equipment. Overall a storage shed will contribute to the functionality, security, and sustainability of the gardening space, promoting a positive and organised environment for community members.
Firm footings for the installation of a picnic bench will create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere that will entice people to visit and enjoy the space. Positioning the bench in a picturesque spot within the community garden that offers vibrant flowers, lush plants and interesting garden features will enhance the overall experience. By combining these elements, the bench will create an enticing environment that will encourage people to visit and enjoy the Koorda community garden.
Koorda Football Club Entertainment - mental health focus "wellbeing night"
We are writing to seek your support for our upcoming entertainment centered on psychological wellbeing, a community event aimed at promoting mental health awareness after a home football game. We have secured the services of comedian Tom Seigert, also known as "The Suburban Footballer," who specializes in spreading humor and uplifting spirits as a professional comedian.
Given the challenges our community has faced in the past 12 months with the highs and lows, we believe that focusing on mental health is crucial. Tom Seigert's performance will not only entertain but also contribute to raising awareness about mental health, aligning with our ongoing efforts in the community space.
Our funding request is aimed at covering the costs associated with Tom Seigert's involvement, allowing us to provide free entertainment and participation opportunities to the entire community. Our goal is to ensure inclusivity, making the event accessible to everyone.
We appreciate your consideration of our grant application and believe that with your support, we can make a significant impact on the mental well-being of our community and provide some great entertainment.
Koorda & Districts Museum & Historical Society Inc Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner
With limited power points throughout the Museum Building, at present vacuum cleaning requires the use of many extension cords. Bearing in mind the age of our members, this is not an efficient or safe method of cleaning.
With a cordless, rechargeable vacuum we would be able to carry out the cleaning quicker and far safer manner. 
  TOTAL $9,915.00