Local Attractions

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Koorda Drive In

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Koorda Museum

The Koorda Museum is well worth a visit. The Museum houses local artefacts and collection of historical papers of the district's history. The building was a former hospital and contains special exhibits of hospital equipment. It was also used as a school hostel and then the police station for a time. Displays are  set out as the following rooms: hospital room, map and history room, parlour, kitchen crockery display, laundry display, farm workshop with old farm machinery, and police lockup no. 4.
Open: By appointment only, call Elizabeth Forbes (9384 6302), Margaret & Colin Strahan (9684 4024) or Colleen Scally (9684 1393). Entry fee $5 per person, children 16 & under are free.

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Koorda Motor & Military Museum

The Koorda Motor & Military Museum houses an array of military collections and vintage cars to browse through.

Open: By appointment only, call Tony on 0429 080 258 or Sue on 0448 801 413
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Wheatbelt Cottage Industries

The Ladies version of the “Men’s Shed,” WCI is the home for all things handmade. Spectacular handy work is displayed throughout, from quilts, to crocheted handtowels, to beautifully quirky handmade gifts. If you need a small present, or in the need for a new couch blanket or just want to admire the handy work of the locals, there are many beautiful items on display. Call in for a coffee or tea and a look around.
Open: Tuesday 9.30am - 1.30pm (approx), some weekends & Special Events
WCI presents Woman’s Corrugated Iron Shed on Monday Night 6.00pm - 8.30pm
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Koorda Art Gallery

The art gallery houses local artists work; from paintings to prints to sculptures, the art gallery is worth viewing. Whether you’re in the market for some new art, or just keen to have a look at the display, there are many beautiful pieces displayed in a rustic setting.
Open: Sundays 11.00am – 2.00pm & Special Events. April to October
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