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Koorda has wonderful facilities when it comes to Education and especially at the primary level.

It supports on average of 25 children ranging from K's (4 years) to Year 6.

The Primary School itself has lovely surrounds and facilities that create a great environment for the students.

Being a small school the students also benefit by having a close and caring relationship with fellow students and staff.

The school is also well equipped with sporting, music and computer facilities for the students. The students are involved in community activities and sporting pursuits. This is also backed up by the school motto which is "DEEDS NOT WORDS" which shows in the spirit of the children.

The school has 4 teaching staff and 6 ancillary staff. The small schools futures are always a question and Koorda does have seventy percent of its students coming from non farm families. Numbers are a important factor to the school to maintain the facilities that are here in the region.

Secondary Studies

Students are able to attend the Wyalkatchem Senior High School through the bus service that is provided for them. There is a number of students that do board for part or all of their secondary education. They attend boarding schools mostly in the metropolitan area.

Teritiary Studies

C Y O’Connor College of TAFE has a regional agent for the area of Koorda who then promotes, in conjunction with Kellerberin and Merredin Campuses, and advertise classes for Personal Development, Computing and Rural based courses. The classes have been held at various venues but are now currently run from the Community Resource Centre and are being well received. The Community Resource Centre is recognised as a special campus of the C Y O’Connor College.

WestLink is a satellite delivery of Tertiary classes provided from the Community Resource Centre. This enables a flexible and open means of delivering education for all ages. Craft classes, Seminars and Workshops are run throughout the centre and it is hoped that the centre will grow in the ability of providing the needs and wants of the community which it serves.

Contact: Kim Storer 9684 1081