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 The Shire of Koorda offers two payment options to pay your rates.

Payment early discount amount (OPTION 1)

Thursday 18 August 2022: A discount of 5% will be applied on rate charges if rates are paid in full before 4.00pm Thursday 18 August 2022.
The discount is not available after this date, and rates will need to be paid in full by Thursday 1 September 2022 to avoid interest charges.

Payment in full by due date (OPTION 2)

Thursday September 2022: Rates are due in full on or before this date by 4.00pm.
Interest will incur on late payments after this date.

Payment in four instalments (OPTION 3)

You have the option to pay your rates by four instalments provided that the first instalment, including any arrears, is paid by the due date (by 4.00pm Thursday September 2022). This option will incur no additional charges if the instalment is paid by the due dates.
If you have not elected to pay instalments by 1 September 2022, the system will not recognise the instalment option and you will incur interest on the remaining amount until it has been paid in full. 

Due dates for instalments are;

  • Thursday September 2022
  • Thursday 10 November 2022
  • Thursday 12 January 2023
  • Thursday 16 March 2023

Payment Methods

The Shire of Koorda accepts rate payments by the following methods:

Payment Online

Payment can be made directly into the Shire of Koorda bank account via online banking.  Details of our bank accounts are located on the back of the Rate Assessment Notice or listed below.

Account Name: Shire of Koorda
BSB: 306-028
ACC: 0425 882
Bank West

Please include your name and assessment number on the payment so we can allocate the payment to the correct assessment.

Pay by BPAY

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Code: 268987

Reference Number: provided on the front of your rates notice

Pay by Phone

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Payment can be made by phone using Visa and Mastercard.
Please call the Shire Administration Office on 08 9684 1219 - do not forget to have your notice handy so that you can give the Administration Officer the required information when it is requested. 

Payment by Mail

Post your cheque (crossed with 'not negotiable') or money order, made out to Shire of Koorda, and the payment slip only to:

Shire of Koorda
PO Box 20
KOORDA  WA  6475. 

The top portion of the notice should be retained as your record, no receipt will be issued unless requested.

Pay in Person at the Shire Administration Office

Present your notice to the Administration Officer at the Shire of Koorda, 10 Haig Street, Koorda. 

Office Hours;
Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 4.00pm
(excluding public holidays)

EFTPOS and Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) facilities are available.