Permits to Burn

Council would remind all landowners and occupiers within the Shire that ‘Fire Breaks’ are compulsory and must be completed before the 31 October. Click here to view the current Annual Firebreak Notice.

Inspection of fire breaks will be carried out throughout the Shire, if properties are not compliant, the Shire will then carry out work on the appropriate properties and the cost will be incurred to the relevant landowner.

Restricted - Permit Required 19 September to 31 October

Prohibited - No Burning 1 November to 31 January

Restricted - Permit Required 1 February to 15 March

Permits for burning can only be obtained from :

  • George Storer (North-East Koorda) - 0428 846 062
  • Andrew Leeke (South-West Koorda) - 0427 446 004