Online Form - IMPACT STATEMENT - January 2024 Telecommunications Outage

We want to hear from Local Businesses, St John Ambulance Volunteers, Bush Fire Volunteers and members of the community in regard to the impact of the January 2024 telecommunication outages. 

The Shire of Koorda, as part of NEWROC, are working to form a submission for the "Inquiry into regional telecommunications in Western Australia" following the storms and extended power outage that occurred in January 2024. 

Impacts could include, but are not limited to;
BUSINESS: (Disrupted Operations, Financial Losses, Reputation Damage etc)
EMERGENCY SERVICES: (Impaired Emergency Response, Public Safety Concerns etc)
COMMUNITY: (Social Isolation, Limited Access to Information etc)

Submissions should be received no later than C.O.B, Wednesday 10 April 2024 for inclusion in the NEWROC submission.