Central Wheatbelt Declared Species Group

Published: Saturday, 22 October 2016 at 12:00:00 AM

Central Wheatbelt Declared Species Group invite you to attend the ;

Koorda Sundowner at 3pm on 22nd Sept at the Koorda Recreation Centre Proposal to become a Recognised Biosecurity Group & Declared Pest control

Dear Landholder(s),

The Central Wheatbelt Declared Species Group (CWDSG) currently targets the issue of wild dogs, foxes and rabbits in the Shires of Dalwallinu, Koorda and Perenjori.  The CWDSG have been successfully operating in the three Shires since wild dog attacks were reported in 2011.

You are invited to the Koorda Rec Centre to discuss the Central Wheatbelt Declared Species Group proposal to become a Recognised Biosecurity Group (RBG) under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (BAM) Act 2007.  This will enable the CWDSG to secure long term funding from the State Government.  The State Government will match the Declared Pest Rate funds raised from Landholders.  This is to ensure that the management of Declared Pests can continue to be undertaken and supported with and for Landholders.

For more Information please read here.

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